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Close up of wooden door carving detail

The George Watson’s Family Foundation (SC004818)

Registered in 1997, the Foundation was set up to manage philanthropic donations to the school. Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the wishes of donors are always met and that funds are invested and administered effectively. The Foundation manages gifts that support all areas of the school’s activities.


Roddy Maclennan (Chair of Trustees)
Caroline Halliday
John Reid
Melvyn Roffe
Fergus Thomson
John Towers

The George Watson’s Endowment Trust (SC048956)

Registered in 2019, like the Foundation, the Trust has an independent board of trustees to ensure that the wishes of donors are always met. The endowment trust’s sole purpose is to manage funds gifted, in perpetuity, for Foundation Places and we are committed to building a £10million bursary endowment.


Richard Davidson
Gavin Gemmell
Magdalene Miller
Melvyn Roffe