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Annual Appeal 2022

Support Pillars: Enable, Ensure, Enrich, Engage

Support our Pupils


Projects that enable us to transform young lives

Every year, without the support provided by the Foundation Places Programme, over 250 pupils would quite simply not be able to access a Watson's education. A fully funded Foundation Place costs between £10,530 and £13,551 per year. Sustaining this remarkable level of financial assistance has never been more important and would not be possible without the support of our current and future donors.

A Foundation Place will be truly life-changing for a young person, who will benefit from a Watson's education, even where their family circumstances would not have otherwise allowed it.

Class in Technology pictured from above


Funding that ensures no family needs to remove their child from Watson's

A sudden change in a family's financial situation can happen for a number of reasons. With your help we can continue to offer vital financial assistance to those families who are faced with the prospect of leaving Watson's due to a significant and unexpected change in their circumstances. Every year the school provides this type of support to families, but over the last two years this need has grown.

During the pandemic, the Bursar awarded over £249,200 in short-term financial assistance to the families of 179 pupils. It is a certainty that many, if not all of these children, would have left Watson’s.

Pupils socialising in the S6 Common Room


Opening up extraordinary opportunities to every pupil

We aim to provide extraordinary opportunities as part of a Watson’s education. Enrichment is an important aspect of life at Watson’s and many former pupils will remember their time outside of the classroom, as fondly as their time in the classroom. Perhaps the challenges and camaraderie of S3 Projects, matches won and lost on the Myreside and Craiglockhart pitches, the joy of music and theatre in front of proud loved ones, or leaving home - sometimes for the first time - to head off on educational and cultural exchanges to York, London and further afield. It is so often the lessons learned during these experiences that stay with our pupils as they venture beyond Watson's walls and into their adult life.

However, we know that some pupils simply cannot consider participating due to the associated financial costs. Your donation would allow us to remove the financial barriers that may prevent a pupil from enriching their Watson's journey with a mix of sport, adventures, music, creative arts, travel and culture.

Pupils lying down in the snow with 'We are adventure club' written in the snow