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Women of Watson's

As we mark 150 years of George Watson’s Ladies’ College, we would like to introduce you to a ‘George Square Girl’ each month. Women whose stories need to be told.

When GWLC opened its doors in 1871, expectations of middle-class women were restricted to them becoming good wives and mothers. Charlotte Ainslie, Head from 1902-1926 was a pupil at George Square soon after it opened. In 1920, as she looked back on the school’s first 50 years, she commented,

‘Our girls were provided with an excellent education and a humane culture quite suited to the very worthy ideal of making a happy home.’

She went on to say,

‘It is only during these recent years that the horizon bounding women’s sphere has been widened… There is no worthy department of human activity in which our girls have not had their share.’

Here then you will find Watson’s Women, whose stories illustrate Charlotte Ainslie’s words.