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Director of Rugby: Mr A Donaldson

  • Telephone Numbers

    Rugby Line 0131 446 6055

  • Cancellations

    Details of any cancellations will be posted on this page by 7am on the day of the match. In the event of inclement weather please phone 0131 446 6055 or check this page after 7am.

  • Changes to Fixtures

    Please note that fixtures are subject to change at short notice ie change of opposition or venue.

  • Pupil Code of Conduct

    Players should arrive on time for training and matches then get changed ready to start. Valuables should only be taken if necessary and should be handed in to a member of staff or put in a secure locker.

    Commitment to your team and school is very important and you should make every effort to be available for all training sessions and matches. If you are unable to train or play in please inform the staff in charge at the earliest opportunity. Injured players should ask the member of staff in charge if they should attend training or go to the match to spectate, touch judge or help out.

    All players should check the team list as early as possible and be fully aware of all arrangements. For all matches check departure/meet times, venues and other  arrangements. The notice board should also be regularly checked for information.

    School uniform must be worn to all matches, home and away. Players should have clean kit and only GWC PE or Rugby kit can be used to warm up and play in.

    Players should encourage all team members to play to the best of their ability. Sporting behaviour at all times is essential. Opponents, referees and spectators should always be respected. Shake hands with the referee and opposition then clap them off the pitch.

    After the match players should shower and change back into uniform. Win or lose, be hospitable to the opposition, referee and all spectators

  • Parents and Other Spectators Code of Practice

    School sport is only a part, but an important part, of a pupil's full and balanced education. A balanced approach to sport in the context of the whole extra-curricular provision of George Watson's College is strongly encouraged.

    The following code of practice applies to Watson's parents spectating at matches at George Watson's College grounds and the grounds of other schools. Equally, George Watson's College would expect visiting spectators to abide by the same code.

    • Children appreciate the presence and support of their parents; accordingly, always set an example of good sportsmanship and give enthusiastic, but not excessive or inappropriate, support. Criticism or undermining of the umpire/referee from the touchline is always unacceptable.
    • Parents should not enter the field of play without the express permission of the umpire/referee.
    • Parents and spectators should not enter the changing room areas.
    • George Watson's College parents are invited to assume some responsibility for making visiting players and parents feel welcome.
  • Rugby Practice Times

    Boys' rugby practices will take place at the following times:

    Team Day Time Venue
    P6 Monday
    3.30pm-4.40pm Myreside
    P7 Monday
    3.30pm-4.40pm Myreside
    S1 Monday
    3.30pm-5.00pm Craiglockhart
    S2 Tuesday


    S3 Tuesday
    3.30pm-5.00pm Craiglockhart
    U16 Tuesday
    3.30pm-5.00pm Myreside
    S5 & S6 Tuesday
    3.30pm-5.00pm Myreside

PLEASE NOTE - the timing and location for all matches marked PENDING await final confirmation with our opponents. Please check the website to ensure match is on and to confirm match details before travelling.

Fixtures – JB2

Date Match Venue Location Start Status
15 Dec 2018 JB2 vs. St Columba's Away St Columba's, Astroturf (Hockey,Tennis) 10.00 AM Pending
12 Jan 2019 JB2 vs. Howe of Fife Home TBC Pending
19 Jan 2019 JB2 vs. Stewart's Melville Home TBC Pending
2 Feb 2019 JB2 vs. Howe of Fife Home TBC Pending
23 Feb 2019 JB2 vs. Ayr Home TBC Pending
2 Mar 2019 JB2 vs. Glasgow Academy Home TBC Pending
9 Mar 2019 JB2 vs. Kelvinside Academy Away Kelvinside Academy, Balgray TBC Pending
16 Mar 2019 JB2 vs. Stewart's Melville Home TBC Pending

Results – JB2

Date Match Venue Result Score
8 Dec 2018 JB2 vs. Morrisons Academy Home Win 8-7
1 Dec 2018 JB2 vs. George Heriot's Away Win 3-2 SMC 9-3
24 Nov 2018 JB2 vs. Clifton Hall Away Win 11-3
17 Nov 2018 JB2 vs. Stewart's Melville Home Lose 7-9
10 Nov 2018 JB2 vs. Dollar Academy Home Lose 4-9
3 Nov 2018 JB2 vs. Dollar Academy Home Win 16-4
27 Oct 2018 JB2 vs. Howe of Fife Away Win 25-0
29 Sep 2018 JB2 vs. Kelvinside Academy Home Win 13-7
22 Sep 2018 JB2 vs. George Heriot's Home Win 7-2 7-2
15 Sep 2018 JB2 vs. Stewart's Melville Away Win 8-3
8 Sep 2018 JB2 vs. Stewart's Melville Home Win 5-4
1 Sep 2018 JB2 vs. Practice Home
17 Mar 2018 JB2 vs. Merchiston Castle Away
10 Mar 2018 JB2 vs. Kelvinside Academy Home
3 Mar 2018 JB2 vs. Glasgow Academy Home
24 Feb 2018 JB2 vs. Ayr Home Cancelled
20 Jan 2018 JB2 vs. Stewart's Melville Home Cancelled
13 Jan 2018 JB2 vs. Howe of Fife Home Win 7-0