Cricket – Girls

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The Girls' Cricket Club is open to all girls in Primaries 5 to 7 and to all girls in the Senior School. There are, however, also opportunities for girls in Primaries 3 to 7 to play Kwik Cricket with the Watsonian Colts programme.

Indoor nets take place 5pm-7pm on Monday evenings in the School Games Hall during the months of January, February and March and the outdoor season runs from the middle of April onwards, with some additional opportunities for matches during the summer holidays. There are three age groups; under 18, under 16 and under 12 and matches take place on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons in the Summer Term.

Girls' cricket practices will take place at the following times:

Team Day Time Venue

Primary 4 

Primary 5

Primary 6

Primary 7


1st X1

1st X1



Monday & Wednesday

Monday & Wednesday









6.00pm- 8.00pm



Front Pitch

Front Pitch







Annual Competitions

The Adair Single Wicket Trophy
The Graham Trophy for the Most Improved Player
The Bryce Trophy for Sportsmanship
The Watsonian Club Prizes in the Junior and Senior Schools
Colours may also be awarded to those in the 5th and 6th Form who have managed to combine strong cricketing performances on the field with commitment to the club on a regular basis.

  • Kit

    Players are required to wear full GWC whites for matches and for practices they should have white tops and navy tracksuits bottoms or shorts.

  • Pupil Code of Conduct

    Valuables should only be taken to training sessions if necessary and should be handed in to a member of staff.

    Week of Match
    • If you are unable to play in any match or practice session please inform the staff in charge at the earliest opportunity.
    • All players should check the team list as early as possible and familiarise themselves with all arrangements.
    • You should turn up on time to any team meetings.
    Match Day
    • Check cricket line for details (0131 446 6055 - available from 7am).
    • For away matches check departure times/venues and other arrangements. Be on time.
    • When travelling outside Edinburgh, School uniform must be worn.
    • Matches played at home or in Edinburgh, School cricket kit (school track suit or cagoule) must be worn. No casual dress to be worn at any time.
    • Players should have correct kit.
    • Valuables should only be taken to matches if necessary and should be handed in to a member of staff.
    • Players should encourage all team members to play to the best of their ability.
    • Sporting behaviour at all times is essential. Opponents, umpires and spectators should always be respected.
    • Shake hands with the umpire and opposition.
    After Match

    Win or lose, be hospitable to the opposition and all spectators.

  • Parents and Other Spectators Code of Practice

    School sport is only a part, but an important part, of a pupil's full and balanced education. A balanced approach to sport in the context of the whole extra-curricular provision of George Watson's College is strongly encouraged.

    The following code of practice applies to Watson's parents spectating at matches at George Watson's College grounds and the grounds of other schools. Equally, George Watson's College would expect visiting spectators to abide by the same code.

    • Children appreciate the presence and support of their parents; accordingly, always set an example of good sportsmanship and give enthusiastic, but not excessive or inappropriate, support. Criticism or undermining of the umpire/referee from the touchline is always unacceptable.
    • Parents should not enter the field of play without the express permission of the umpire/referee.
    • Parents and spectators should not enter the changing room areas.
    • George Watson's College parents are invited to assume some responsibility for making visiting players and parents feel welcome.
    • Cancellations

      Should a match or practice be cancelled, Miss Smith will contact all players as soon as possible by the normal GWC Girls' Cricket Club email system. If in doubt please phone 07751 409367.