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Three girls doing Tug of war
The pressure on children and young people has never been greater. At Watson’s we know that our pupils will only succeed if they have an environment and the personal support to enable them to thrive.
That is why the mental and physical wellbeing of our pupils is such a priority throughout their educational journey with us. 
As one of the first schools in the country to be fully accredited as a Gold Rights Respecting School by UNICEF, our approach to wellbeing is firmly based on the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). These emphasise the importance of giving pupils a voice in their education and wellbeing, listening to what they have to say and acting upon it.
Our wellbeing strategies run through all aspects of our lessons and assemblies. We provide access to specialist advice and counselling services, host unique whole-school events such as 'Feelgood February' and encourage healthy attitudes to issues including eating, exercise, competition and relationships. We embrace opportunities to be frank and open about the mental health challenges that everyone faces from time to time.
Working with parents and carers, we aim to help our pupils build their resilience and enable them to cope with the change, success and disappointment that they will inevitably encounter in their lives at school and beyond.

Wellbeing in the Senior School

The health and wellbeing of pupils is the responsibility of all staff and teachers are skilled at ensuring that academic and other achievements do not come at the expense of pupils’ wellbeing. 
From their first days in the Senior School, a pupil’s form teacher is keeping an eye not only on their progress but also on their wellbeing. They are supported in doing that by experienced Heads of Year and other guidance staff who also have access to counselling services and external agencies if required. Our school nurses provide another important source of support and advice.
In keeping with our ethos, we encourage pupils to support each other and programmes such as 'United', our network of trained peer-to-peer supporters, and 'Heads Together' highlight the importance of mental health and have a very positive role in promoting the wellbeing of Senior School pupils.