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Girl playing cricket

Providing Choice, Opportunity and Challenge

Life at George Watson’s College is about so much more than lessons. 

Our Enrichment programmes provide an exceptional range of extra-curricular opportunities for pupils of all ages, interests and aptitudes. Whether you are keen on sport, see yourself performing on stage or in the music auditorium or want to change the world through social action you will be able to get involved at Watson’s. Or you may want to find a new hobby or pastime that you’ve not tried before or be fascinated by the possibilities afforded by our extensive network of international links.

We believe in giving our pupils the freedom to find who they really are,  what they really enjoy doing and how they are going to make their own contribution to the community around them and further afield. As a result they often get involved in activities they would never before have dreamed of trying out, and by challenging themselves in this way learn new skills, meet new friends, and gain resilience and confidence.

Central to the experience of life in the Senior School is the S3 Projects programme. Our unique S3 Projects programme sees small groups of pupils set off on a two week trip to multiple destinations engaging in a wide variety of activities. This tradition remains a key part of a Watson’s education undertaken in the May Senior 3. They are led by their teachers who have been fully trained and are highly experienced in outdoor education, the groups are carefully selected to maximise social interaction and activities are graded to ensure that everyone experiences success. Universally, former pupils look back on S3 Projects as the highlight of their Watson’s education and often as an experience that has shaped their future lives for the better.

Amongst the Enrichment activities available in the Senior School are: around 25 different sports, including Athletics, Hockey, Cricket, Rugby, Football, Curling, Fencing, Equestrian, Hill and Trail Running, Mountain Biking and Rowing;  over 20 choirs, music groups, orchestras and ensembles; and a range of other Clubs such as Debating, Bridge, Blogging, Scale Modelling and Scouts.
Senior School Enrichment Infographic