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Senior School

George Watson’s College Senior School provides an outstanding preparation for pupils’ future lives and careers. 

In a rapidly-changing world, we provide a mixture of the highly innovative and the reassuringly traditional, a curriculum broad and flexible enough to meet most young people’s needs and an unparalleled range of opportunities that enhance and enrich our pupils’ educational journey. 

Choice and opportunity in abundance are provided by our nineteen academic departments comprising over 120 highly skilled teachers, by a vast array of sports, crafts and hobby activities and by initiatives such as Project 810 which is a focus for pupil activity on environmental issues and social justice. We encourage pupils to develop skills of debating and critical thinking, to show responsibility and leadership in all that they do and to make positive contributions to our community. Strong links with schools and other institutions around the world provide a distinctive international flavour to the education we offer all our pupils.

At Watson’s, our commitment to academic success never comes at the expense of the broader objectives of a good education, nor of our determination that every individual pupil should be cared for and supported to find the pathway that is right for them.