GWC Plus

  • Introduction

    George Watson’s College (“The School”) is managed by the Merchant Company Education Board, a registered Scottish Charity (SC009747). 

    The School’s address is George Watson’s College, Colinton Road, Edinburgh, EH10 5EG.

    George Watson’s College Plus is a digital events platform for the School and community.  Events hosted on the platform are a blend of live streaming of key school events, webinars and meeting style symposiums.  All events on the platform will be recorded and made available on demand, where appropriate.

    We will be collecting the data of all delegates who register for events on the platform.

  • What information will we collect and how will we collect it?

    We will collect your data at the point of registration for an event. Along with the date and time of the event that you have registered for we will collect the following personal data:

    • your name
    • your email address
    • contact telephone number
    • your address, if applicable to certain events 

    If you are registering for an event and there is ticket payment required, we will use a third party ticketing site and their privacy policy will be applicable with regards to the collection of payment details.  George Watson’s College will not collect or store any card or bank details.

  • Why do we need to collect this data and who is it shared with?

    If you consent to us collecting and processing your personal information then we will use it to:

    • Communicate with you about the event
    • Confirm your registration
    • Send you the link to access the event 
    • Send you programmes and agendas relevant to the event you have booked
    • Contact you about future, relevant events that we believe may be of interest to you

    Your data will not be used for any other purpose.  We will not share your data with any other party. 

    For some events held on GWC Plus, we use a third party ticketing platform, Eventbrite.  Please follow this link to Eventbrite to access their privacy policy.

  • What is our lawful basis for collecting this data?

    Under data protection law, GDPR Article 6(1), we have a number of lawful bases that allow us to collect and process personal information. In this case, the lawful basis for processing your data is 'legitimate interests'.

    Broadly speaking 'legitimate interests' means that we can process your personal information if we have a genuine and legitimate reason and we are not harming any of your rights and interests.

    Our legitimate reason for processing your data is to:

    • Communicate with you about the event you have booked
    • Confirm your registration
    • Contact you about future, relevant events that we believe may be of interest to you
  • Where will my data be stored and for how long will it be retained?

    Your personal data will be stored electronically and/or in physical format on secure systems within the European Economic Area. We will not knowingly transfer your personal information outside of the European Economic Area. We only store physical copies of documents containing your personal information on the School’s premises. Information that we store electronically is retained on systems owned and/or managed by the School.

    Details regarding how we store and manage data can be found in our Data Storage and Retention Policy.  Details of how it is protected can be found here: Information Security policy.

    Your personal data will be retained only for the purposes stated in this privacy policy and will be held by us for no more than 12 months. 

    All personal data will be held and disposed of in a safe and secure manner.

  • Your rights

     As defined in the data protection law, GDPR Article(s) 12-23, you have the following rights: 

    • The right to be informed about the collection and use of your personal data. This is outlined above.
    • The right to erasure.  If at any point within the 21 days after your visit you decide you’d like us to delete the personal data you provided, please advise us and we will delete all information related to you. 
    • The right to object to us processing your personal data. If you do so, we will delete all the personal data we hold in relation to you.
    • The right to rectification.  If the information held is in any way incorrect, you can contact the data controller and request that the information be rectified.

    In certain circumstances exemptions to these rights may apply.  Further information is available on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

  • Do you have a complaint?

     If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding this Privacy Policy please contact:

    The Bursar/Data Protection Officer

    George Watson’s College
    Colinton Road
    EH10 5EG



    0131 446 6000

    If you consider that your personal data has been misused or mishandled by us, you can raise this with the data controller.  In this instance, the data controller is the Bursar.

    If you remain dissatisfied you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner, who is an independent regulator. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at: Information Commissioner’s Office Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF, or 0303 123 1113, or

    Any complaint to the Information Commissioner is without prejudice to your right to seek redress through the courts.

Version 1/Issue 1/ 1 December 2020

Privacy Policy