The Watsonian Club Constitution

Aims and Objectives

The Watsonian Club (The Club) exists to promote and maintain co-operation, at home and abroad, between former pupils and staff of George Watson’s College, George Watson’s Ladies’ College, George Watson’s Boys College and John Watson’s School, in all matters relating to the welfare and future success of George Watson’s College (hereafter referred to as the School); to strengthen friendships formed at these schools; to carry on a Benevolent Fund for the benefit of Watsonians and their dependants; to promote the George Watson’s Family Foundation; to promote and monitor its recognised Sections and Branches throughout the world and to encourage engagement and participation in sports and other activities.


Former pupils, staff and former staff of all the Schools above automatically become members, the former from the date of the end of the School session in the year in which they are or would have been in S6.

Life members who opted in (list held by Development Office) will be sent free of charge one copy of each issue of The Watsonian.

Council may recommend for election to Honorary Membership any person who has rendered special service to the Club or School.

Governance and Administration

The administration of The Club is devolved to the School Development Office under the direction of the Principal, and The Watsonian Council.

 Members may nominate themselves or others to serve on the Watsonian Council. Such nominations should be received in the Development Office by 31 July of any given year. In the absence of sufficient nominations invitations will be sent from the School Development Office.

The Council will comprise of the President, Vice President, the Principal*, the Director of Development* and a minimum of  two ordinary members. In the event of multiple nominations, the outgoing Watsonian  Council will select the new incoming members. Ordinary members will serve for a period of one year and may be re-nominated annually without restriction.

*Ex Officio

The Council will meet no less than twice a year and its responsibilities will include:

  1. To oversee activities undertaken in the name of The Club and to   make suggestions to the School/School Development Office of ways in which The Club’s aims and objectives can be furthered;
  2. To promote and monitor The Club’s recognised Sections and Branches throughout the world and to encourage engagement and participation in sports and other activities intervening as necessary. In particular, to approve changes in constitutions or other requests from Sections and Branches.
  3. To ensure the funds of The Club are appropriately managed and deployed.
  4. To annually hold an Open meeting for The Club members which will summarise the year’s activity and plans for the forthcoming year. The date and format of the meeting will be advertised in Caritas and in the Watsonian section of
  5. To annually select a President, Vice President, and Ordinary Members. 
  6. If an alternative nomination for Vice President  is received from a member or on behalf of a member who has agreed to be proposed, and the Council, in voting for the Vice President becomes tied, the President will have the casting vote.


The School shall meet the cost of the administration of The Club.

Fund(s) and Investments

The fund(s) of The Club shall be kept in such a manner as the Council may determine and used for the benefit of the Club or School as deemed appropriate by the Council.

Accounts shall be kept showing The Club’s financial affairs and shall be reviewed annually by a Chartered Accountant or suitably qualified person.

Annual accounts will be available to any member on request.

The financial year shall be 1 August to 31July.


The President will be selected by the Watsonian Council from the membership of The Club. The President may serve a maximum of two successive one year terms. His/her responsibilities will include:

  1. To provide a point of reference/advice to the School.
  2. To promote The Club and its objectives.
  3. To identify and develop ways of engaging with Watsonians for the benefit of members and the School.
  4. To represent The Club, particularly at major School occasions.
  5. To attend selected activities of branches, sections or other groups acting as a key conduit for information between the School, the School Development Office and Watsonians.
  6. To Chair Council and annually host an Open meeting for all members outlining the key elements of activity within The Club and School over the past year. This meeting will also provide the point of handover between the outgoing and incoming President and will include the presentation of President’s Chain and Past President’s badge.
  7. The President will normally be known as the Watsonian President.

Changes to the Constitution

Any change to the constitution will be considered at an EGM. Such a meeting may be called by Council or by a minimum of 50 members giving notice to the School Development Office. The Development Office will have responsibility for calling the meeting giving a minimum of 21 days notice and notifying the business to be transacted through the GWC website and Section/Branch Secretaries (where known). The Quorum at an EGM will be at least 25 members.