Watsonians Linked

The Watsonian Club

Johnny Bacigalupo, President of The Watsonian Club launches our new WatsoniansLinked platform.

We would love to hear from Watsonians from across the world. Please email watsonians@gwc.org.uk if you would like to contribute your memories of school, a favourite poem or passage from a well-loved book or something else entirely. Perhaps you have kept something you made at school or have a favourite recipe that you first learned in your schooldays that you would be pleased to share with us.

We look forward to hearing from you, and do keep visiting WatsoniansLinked as contributions come in to find out what your fellow Watsonians have shared. And, why not join us on Facebook where we will post the highlights of WatsoniansLinked regularly.

The Watsonian Club promotes and maintains co-operation, at home and abroad, between former pupils and staff of George Watson’s College, George Watson’s Ladies’ College, George Watson’s Boys' College and John Watson’s School. For further information, contact the School’s Development Office.