Wrap-Around Care

At Watson's we offer a number of out-of-hours care options for before and after school hours.

Breakfast Club

Two girls drawingBreakfast Club operates on normal school days during term time and is open to pupils from Preschool to Primary 7.

Breakfast Club is based in the Junior School Dining Hall. Unlike the After School Club, there are no organised activities on offer, but children have the opportunity to relax before school by playing games, reading books and drawing.

Breakfast Club opens at 7.45am and the pupils attending go to class from 8.30am onwards to the classrooms. Breakfast is provided for all pupils attending and consists of cereal, toast, fruit juice and milk.

Breakfast Club Fees for Session 2020/21* 

Full Week Daily Rate
(less than 5 days per week)
Preschool £29.65 per week £6.40 per day
Primary 1 - Primary 7 £25.75 per week £5.70 per day

*registration fee applies


After School Club


Two girls bouncing on space hoppersChildren in Preschool to Primary 7 are catered for by our very popular After School Club, which provides a happy, caring environment from its base at the heart of the campus. The Club operates on normal school days during term time from the end of the school day until 6pm.

  Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Preschool 3–4.15pm 4.15–6pm N/A
Primary 1 - Primary 3 2.50–4.05pm 4.05–5.30pm 5.30–6pm
Primary 4 - Primary 7 3.15–4.15pm 4.15–5.30pm 5.30–6pm

The children take part in a wide variety of activities ranging from sport, craft and swimming to cookery, board games and quiet reading. Free play is also encouraged especially for our younger children and there is an opportunity for pupils in the Upper Primary Club to do their homework under supervision. A light snack of juice and biscuits is available daily for the children.

After School Club Fees for Session 2020/21* 5 Days per Week Named Day
(eg every Monday)
Daily Rate
(fewer than 5 days per week)
Session 3
Preschool Session 1 £40.70 per week N/A £9.15 per day N/A
Preschool Sessions 1 & 2 £80.20 per week N/A £18.15 per day N/A
Primary 1 - Primary 7 £6.65 per session £7.35 per session £10.65 per session £3.20 per session

*registration fee applies

After School in the Senior School

Although there is no after school care facility for Senior School pupils, our extensive extra-curricular provision means that pupils can stay on at school to participate in a wide range of activities after the close of lessons.