Religion and Philosophy

At George Watson’s College, Religion and Philosophy is a well established and respected component of academic practice delivered to all senior pupils. We foster an environment of intellectual humility, cultural compassion and social inclusivity through the implementation of a diverse and varied curricular programme.

Philosophy is unique as a subject in its ability to develop a wide range of transferable and marketable skills, alongside its independant and rigorous content. The subject gives pupils access not just to their academic aspirations but to their lives as a whole. In such a rapidly changing world, it is imperative that pupils leave with a range of knowledge that will not only allow them to adjust and adapt to change but can pioneer and lead it. One who has been immersed in the challenge that philosophical content provides will be able to develop and deploy the cognitive skills of analysis and evaluation, the ability to synthesise and create new ideas in order to overcome the greatest challenges. A philosopher can communicate effectively and has the interpersonal skills which will facilitate excellent working relationships.

Using Scotland’s National Curriculum to inform core level teaching and learning, a broad range of themes and topics are covered, allowing for progression into the certificate courses delivered. A senior core programme is run concurrently to certificate courses in S3-S5 which allows for exposure to challenging ideas in contemporary ethics, personal identity and logic. Pupils can currently opt to study SQA National 5 and Higher Philosophy, as well as National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher RMPS.

This provides an opportunity for in-depth study of ethical responses to medical advancement in an ever changing world, core philosophical questions and a study of Buddhism.

Philosophy is offered at Higher which can be taken in S5 or S6 where pupils are encouraged to debate and consider the classic philosophical dilemmas. Studying focus on Critical Thinking, Metaphysics, Epistemology and Moral Philosophy.

Advanced Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies is delivered in S6 including work on the Philosophy of Religion and Medical Ethics, a unit popular with potential medics and lawyers.

Subject Information - Religion and Philosophy