We seek to teach Mathematics both as a subject in its own right and as a supportive base to studies in other areas. The Department embraces all forms of delivery of the curriculum that go beyond textbooks. These include "in-house" material, videos, practical work and handheld technology.

In particular, the Department makes extensive use of the computing power of graphical calculators through the use of software that both tutors and consolidates mathematical skills and thinking. We are also committed to ensuring that our pupils acquire the necessary knowledge to make appropriate and effective use of their graphical calculators.

The common course delivered to our broadly set S1 provides us with an excellent opportunity to develop their mathematical understanding and skills from primary school. From S2, finer setting and course modifications accommodate the full range of ability as pupils work towards their SQA National Qualifications in S4. Thereafter, pupils can progress to SQA Higher and onwards to three different SQA Advanced Highers in Mathematics. Alternatively, there is a choice of three IB Mathematics Courses.

Our pupils develop their confidence and competence in basic skills, which allows them to mature into independent problem solvers who enjoy the challenges of the subject and can judge when to utilise appropriate technology. Beyond the syllabus, pupils from all years have the opportunity to regularly participate in both local, Scottish and National Mathematical Competitions with many pupils gaining Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.

Subject Information - Mathematics