Health & Food Technology

The Health & Food Technology staff has over 50+ years of teaching experience, and the enthusiastic and innovative team continues to ensure Health & Food Technology is well placed to prepare our pupils for life beyond GWC. Located in bright, modern accommodation we are equipped with excellent facilities and equipment to deliver a full programme of food and ICT-supported teaching.

Health & Food Technology is essentially a Life Skill, and equips our pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary to make reasoned and informed decisions. As a study discipline, however, it can also lead to a number of careers including dietetics, food technology, hospitality, retail, caring, consumerism and journalism.

In addition to a varied programme of formal study and certificated courses, we also offer pupils the opportunity to get involved in extra-curricular activities. This includes skills work with pupils doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

In our teaching, we adopt a variety of strategies ranging from pupil-centred to teacher-led or group work We aim to harness pupils’ enthusiasm, recognising, for example, that children love food and enjoy the satisfaction of creating a product. Health & Food Technology will contribute to the physical and mental health and well-being of our pupils.

The new S1 & S2 curriculum broadly reflects the core values of Health & Well-Being within the Curriculum for Excellence framework. Within the context of food work, a variety of approaches are used to develop knowledge and creativity, as well as investigative and problem-solving skills. Our overarching aim is to harness our pupils’ enthusiasm for cooking and to foster self-belief.

In S3 & S4 the National Courses reflect the Curriculum for Excellence values, purposes and principles. They provide more time for learning; they offer flexibility and more focus on skills and applying learning within contexts. We currently deliver National 5 Health & Food Technology and National 5 Hospitality: Practical Cookery.

In S5 & S6, Health & Food Technology is fortunate to offer a variety of courses, certificate and interest based, to meet the needs and interests of a wide range of pupils. We offer National 5 Hospitality: Practical Cookery, which develops skills and techniques for effective food production. Those pupils who require more academic rigour can study Higher Health & Food Technology. Interest based courses include Smart Cooking; Sew Easy and Practical Cake Craft.

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