Economics and Business Studies

Business and enterprise are at the heart of national growth and development. Here at Watson's we aim not only to develop the pupils' insight into the economic world in which they live, but also to equip them with the analytical and practical skills to give them a stake in the economic system. This involves developing a spirit of enterprise, challenging the pupils to think, develop and communicate their ideas effectively and put them into practice.

Teaching begins in S1 and S2, when pupils are introduced to Economics and Business Studies. In S3, pupils may select National 5 Economics and National 5 Business Management. Both subjects, along with Administration & IT, can be studied at Higher in either S5 or S6, with Economics and Business Management offered at Advanced Higher level to pupils in their final year. Pupils can also study Travel & Tourism or PC Passport in S5 or S6.

Group activities bring variety and help reinforce the role of teams in organisations. Our schedule of business visits and visiting speakers highlights the realities of the commercial world.

Entrepreneurial talent is further developed extracurricularly through the S1 mini-enterprise programme and then, more substantially, with the Young Enterprise Scheme allowing S5 pupils to take full control of a business. To stretch the abilities of our top students, we enter teams into national competitions in both Economics and Business. We are very proud of the success of our pupils in all of these areas.

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