The department offers a full range of Classics courses covering many aspects of classical culture and delivering skills which are valuable across the whole curriculum; for example, the close and accurate reading of texts, independent thinking about social and political issues and the writing of structured arguments based on evidence. It is one of the few departments in Scotland able to offer Latin and Classical Studies. Ancient Greek is offered as a S6 interest class and as a lunchtime activity for pupils in S1-S5.

Because we recognise the valuable contribution which Classics makes to the general education of every pupil, Latin is available to pupils as a language option in S1 and S2 and Classics as an alternative in S2.  For Latin we follow the Cambridge Latin Course, which is based on the life of a family living in first century Pompeii. The S2 Classics course provides an introduction to the ancient world through the study of Greek and Roman literature with a focus on mythology and the underworld. Pupils will also have the opportunity to study the lives of the Ancient Egyptians. Both courses make extensive use of ICT and evaluate the ongoing significance of the ancient world in the modern world. A trip to Sorrento will be available to pupils as part of the languages trips in May each session. This will include trips to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Capri and Mount Vesuvius.

In S3, pupils may continue with their study of Latin, working to National 4 and 5 levels by S4. They can continue to Higher level in S5 and to Advanced Higher in S6. Classical Studies provides a non-linguistic route, which is also available from S3 as part of the National 5 course and this also has a progression to S5 Higher and S6 Advanced Higher. A number of S5 and S6 pupils opt for the Higher and Advanced Higher courses in Classical Studies, without having studied the subject in previous years. 

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