Senior School

Senior School

Starting at a new Senior School is significant event in a child's life. We make sure that all pupils, whether joining from other primary schools, our own Junior School, or entering further up the School, are supported in this key transition. Our induction aims to reduce any anxiety about this transition as much as possible, to help our pupils to establish friendships, and to allow us to get to know our pupils and for them to get to know us quickly.

In First and Second Year, a diverse and stimulating timetable balances challenging academic progression with a variety of learning experiences. Pupils study many of their subjects with their form class but are set in English and Mathematics. This enables them to progress at a pace that provides the appropriate level of challenge, and provides them with an opportunity to mix with the rest of their year group.

From Second Year, when pupils start to discuss their personal targets and study options with teachers, through to their key certificate examinations, we provide expert guidance to ensure that they choose subjects and levels that match their abilities and aspirations.

At Watson's we are proud of the exceptionally broad range of certificate courses we offer.

At Watson's we are proud of the exceptionally broad range of certificate courses we offer. Available at various levels of certification within the national qualifications framework, our extensive provision includes subjects across the spectrum of arts, sciences and social sciences, with a notably wide selection of languages, including Chinese.

Pupils entering Fifth Year are able to choose between the SQA qualifications and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

It is important that we encourage pupils to become independent learners in and out of school. The development of digital technology skills is woven throughout our learning and teaching, with all Senior School pupils using their own personal devices in the classroom under the direction of their teachers. This ensures continuity between home and school learning and prepares pupils for the etiquette that will be expected of them in higher education and the world of work. A programme of study skills education encourages independent thought and enquiry.