Senior School

Senior School

In our Senior School pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive as adults and to make their own individual contribution to the world. 

The Senior School curriculum builds on the learning experiences of the Junior School but is equally accessible to pupils joining Watson’s at other stages. Excellent specialist teaching is offered within a structure that enables pupils to explore links between subjects and understand the fundamental concepts which underpin their learning. 

We prepare pupils for Scottish National Qualifications and provide an exceptional range of courses in combinations that are designed to suit the needs of the individual pupil. We operate an open presentation policy so that pupils have the freedom to choose to take the examinations that are right for them.

In S3 and S4, most pupils study eight subjects for National 5s from the approximately 31 that are offered. Pupils usually take English, Maths and a foreign language within their choices. 

In S5, pupils usually study five Higher subjects including English and Maths from the approximately 32 different courses available.

In S6, pupils study a range of Higher and Advanced Higher subjects depending on their future plans. Again, a wide range of courses (including 25 at Advanced Higher) in many combinations is available.

In addition to certificated courses, pupils study a core curriculum and older pupils may choose enrichment courses to further broaden their academic experience.

The health and wellbeing of pupils remains a key focus in the Senior School. Working closely with parents and pupils themselves, Form Tutors, skilled and experienced pupil support staff, a school counsellor, school nurses and our network of trained peer-to-peer supporters combine to ensure that every pupil can flourish. 

We have a long history of helping pupils to overcome barriers to their learning and there is access to the expert support for learning that as required.

In S6 pupils choose their own Personal Tutor to guide their choices as they prepare for university, college or the world of work. The majority of our pupils progress to university but we never take it for granted that university is the right destination for any pupil and we are equally pleased to support those who wish to pursue a different path that is right for them.

Senior School pupils benefit from the extraordinary range of enrichment opportunities including some of the most extensive programmes of extra-curricular sport and music of any school in the UK, ambitious drama productions and highly successful clubs and societies. The programme of educational visits begins with an orientation trip in the early weeks of S1. From then on, the opportunities multiply both for group visits and individual experiences supported financially or practically by the school.