We believe in adventures. And so our new Preschool is the place where discovery starts.

Our new look early years provision will now be the main point of entry for our Junior School and will be launched in August 2020.

Our stunning new Preschool classrooms are designed to create flexible, collaborative places to learn, and our new outdoor spaces will be a highlight of the development. We believe our children should be able to go on adventures, every day.

So, outside, we are creating a magical garden where children can explore with freedom in a safe, inspiring environment. Of course, the rest of the campus is there for adventures, too, and our well planned and carefully structured play-based curriculum will encourage curiosity, promote independence and support children to be confident and to think of others. It’s a curriculum with adventure, fun and kindness at its heart.

Each of our four Preschool classes will be teacher-led and supported by a team of experienced Preschool practitioners. There will never be more than 30 children in each class and a minimum of four members of staff working with them at any given time.  

At lunchtime, everyone will enjoy a hot, healthy and delicious meal together from a range of balanced and nutritious menus developed to help fuel children’s special adventures. Children will also wear the George Watson’s Preschool polo shirt to show that they are part of our great community.

And joining Watson’s isn’t just about your children, but your family, too. We don’t just get to know pupils attending our Preschool, but everyone else who matters back at home.

We are committed to creating a clear pathway for children to move successfully into the Junior School. In Primary 1 there will be five classes each with around 23 pupils. There are no entrance assessments for Preschool so as places are allocated on a first come, first served basis, early applications are advised. 

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