Our Nursery classes have a highly qualified staff of teachers and nursery practitioners with a staffing ratio of 1:8. Children are taught in three bright and cheerful classrooms on our campus just to the south of Edinburgh's City Centre from 8.40am–3.00pm. 

All three of our Nursery classrooms have access to a dedicated outdoor space for learning and play. The outdoor space provides the nursery children with a safe environment where they can take part in a wide variety of activities ranging from planting herbs and vegetables and growing flowers to looking at the wildlife. There is a variety of equipment such as bikes, a climbing frame, stilts and hula hoops for outdoor play.

Learning Through Play

Nursery child taking a photo of a flower

In the Nursery, we aim to provide our children with an education which will be a foundation for life and which will meet the child’s needs in the Junior School. Above all, we aim to have happy, contented children who thoroughly enjoy their nursery experience.

The Nursery curriculum covers eight areas of learning:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Expressive Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Religious and Moral Education
  • Science
  • Technologies

Teacher helping child to paint

These eight key aspects of development and learning provide a framework to help staff plan appropriate learning experiences and activities.

The individual child’s development is fostered by the team of Nursery staff, although all children also have their own key worker. The content of the curriculum is based on children’s interests, local and topical events, seasonal work and the natural world. The Nursery environment is carefully planned and structured to provide new experiences and facilitate the acquisition of skills through a child-centred curriculum.

Nursery and Nursery Plus

Nursery children playing with building bricksThe Early Learning and Childcare experience in Nursery and Nursery Plus provides an ideal start for the youngest children at George Watson’s College in secure and stimulating surroundings within purpose-built accommodation. 

Nursery Plus is a flexible service that allows parents to choose the care sessions they need, to complement the time provided by the Nursery.

Our Nursery and Nursery Plus facilities are located in two buildings – a dedicated wing of the Lower Primary and a self-contained section of New Myreside House, which is adjacent to the Lower Primary building. Both facilities include work and play areas, toilets, cloakrooms, kitchens for the preparation of healthy snacks and garden areas. The bright and airy classrooms contain computers and listening centres, as well as a wealth of other educational resources and books. Specialised apparatus, including challenging fixed play equipment, is available for all nursery children to use. The wider world of the School campus is used regularly for safe walks and visits.

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