Junior School

Junior School

The journey of learning and discovery that starts in Preschool continues in our friendly, welcoming Junior School.  

The rich and varied Junior School curriculum ensures that children acquire a deep understanding of individual subjects including Maths, English, Foreign Languages, Science, History and the Creative Arts, whilst cross-curricular themes ensure that understanding is developed in interesting and rewarding contexts. By helping them to understand how they learn, we empower pupils to be happy, confident and successful in their learning.

Our classrooms are all fully wi-fi enabled and iPads and other devices are introduced as natural, but not dominant, tools for their learning.

In addition to the expertise of their class teacher, Junior School pupils benefit from an increasing number of specialist teachers as they progress from year to year. Where pupils need additional support with their learning, our highly experienced team will be on hand to develop a package to meet their needs.

In the early years of the Junior School (P1–P3), individual year group classes are arranged in clusters, giving younger pupils positive role models and enabling older pupils to develop a sense of responsibility for their younger schoolmates. From P4 upwards, classes are organised in year groups, with P7 enjoying a superb new suite of classrooms and a curriculum tailored for successful progression into the Senior School.

The health and wellbeing of our pupils is our top priority throughout our school. Our approach is based on the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and has been recognised as amongst the more effective and forward thinking of any school in the country by the award of the Gold Rights Respecting School Award by UNICEF.

For everyday support, our new Wellbeing Centre staffed by registered nurses is an important facility available to all pupils, as is the Wellbeing Room where pupils can relax if the pressures of school life begin to feel a little overwhelming.

Throughout pupils’ time at Watson’s their lives and learning are enriched by the many experiences beyond the classroom. Day trips and residential visits enable pupils to extend their learning and develop independence. Music lies at the very heart of the Junior School and pupils have the chance to learn an extensive range of musical instruments and benefit from many opportunities to perform either individually or in ensembles, choirs and orchestras. No less important are the opportunities to perform on the stage or the sports field. Whilst we encourage excellence and celebrate success, our real commitment is to participation and to making sure that all pupils have freedom to find out what they love doing.