Imagining Our Future

Imagining Our Future

The School is developing exciting plans for its future and they are outlined in our Imagining our Future Brochure (PDF).

Junior School Development

Architects visual of Junior School Development

Work on the Junior School redevelopment began in June 2018. Phase one of the construction focuses on the Upper Primary, where we will:

  • Create a new reception area and five classrooms for the Upper Primary School, enabling us to finally retire the 'temporary' classrooms, have better designated spaces for Modern Languages teaching and to increase the capacity in P6 by one class.
  • Create a new Junior School Music Suite to support the outstanding work of the Music Department a new Upper Primary Library space on the first floor.

The following phases of work will:

  • Bring our Nursery together in one place and increase capacity whilst improving the way that both buildings relate to each other.

Architects visual of Junior School Development Architects visual of Junior School Development

Foundation Places Programme

We wish for Watson’s to be a place of aspiration for young people from across the City – and further afield – who at the moment may not see the School as being a place for them.

We believe that there is huge potential to build on the 20-year-old success of our Foundation Places Programme, to widen its scope and deepen its impact and by so doing break down the barriers that too often prevent talented and ambitious young people from seeking a place at Watson’s for themselves.