Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) Society

Chris Mackie speaking at ‘Deciphering First Minister’s Questions’
Chris Mackie speaking at Deciphering First Minister’s Questions

Watson's Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) Society works to create links across three subjects which share common themes.

The club invites guest speakers to the School to share knowledge on their particular area of expertise. Its aim is to involve pupils directly, and indeed it is effectively a pupil-run society, with pupils taking on not only the responsibility of contacting speakers, but also of publicising events, introducing talks and preparing questions.

The most recent success of the club was Chris Mackie’s talk Deciphering First Minister’s Questions, where the man tasked with briefing Nicola Sturgeon herself before FMQs gave students his personal insights into Scottish politics. The event was widely attended, particularly by modern studies students who found the talk extremely helpful in relation to their course on Democracy in Scotland. We look forward to many more events to come.

Trudy Ross (S5)