The Club for the most able Mathematicians in each year group from S1–S6 was started in January 2007. Over a whole session, during lunchtime meetings, the Mathletes typically accumulate a total of about 200 'maths-hours' mainly spent tackling questions from past UK Mathematical Challenge Competition papers. These meetings regularly see students from lower years tackling the same questions as students from upper years - age is no barrier to Mathematical problem solving!

Past and present Mathletes have won both National Team Competitions, gained many certificates in National UK Maths Challenge Competitions, and some have even gained medals in the annual British Mathematical Olympiad Competitions.

In addition to tackling Past Competition questions, Mathletes also engage with a whole array of puzzles, from logical tasks to cross-numbers to hands-on puzzles made of metal.

It is therefore entirely appropriate that the group's motto is "Mathletes ... we're in Training".