LGBT+ and Discuss

LGBT+ and Discuss is a gay-straight-alliance (GSA) group that discusses LGBT+ awareness and education at Watson’s. It also functions as a social group, and there is a healthy balance between important discussions/debates and informal chit-chat. We are open to everyone and have a mix of pupils who identity as LGBT+, or not, and staff alike.

“For LGBT+ pupils, LGBT+ and Discuss is a safe place – somewhere we can be ourselves and avoid judgement from the wider world. It’s also good for finding out reliable information on LGBT+ topics. Being LGBT+ is hard sometimes, so having a place where we can talk to other people with similar experiences is important for our wellbeing. For allies (people who are not LGBT+, but fully supportive of the LGBT+ community), LGBT+ and Discuss is somewhere to learn about what it’s like to be LGBT+, and how to support LGBT+ family and friends.”
(S5 Pupil)

What is GSA and LGBT+?

The term GSA comes from the United States and originally stood for Gay Straight Alliance. Nowadays, the term ‘Gender and Sexual Orientation Alliance’ is thought to be more inclusive of all identities and so is more widely used. These groups provide safe spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people. The + stands for the many other identities that are now being recognised (such as non-binary and gender-fluid). They also provide opportunities for LGBT young people and allies to assist in creating inclusive learning environments.

LGBT Youth Scotland's Schools Charter

The LGBT Youth Scotland's Schools Charter is a programme to support and guide Schools and Education Authorities on their journey to LGBT equality and inclusion.

We are working towards attaining the Gold Award Standard from LGBT Youth Scotland’s Charter Mark. This has involved viewing how the School accommodates LGBT+ issues, updating our policies and practices and indeed, starting up our own GSA. We are in regular contact with Graeme Ross, LGBT Youth Scotland’s education capacity building officer.

Displaying the LGBT Charter sends a positive message to LGBT staff and pupils so that they are included, valued, supported and will be treated fairly when they attend your school.

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