Equestrian & Polo Clubs

Equestrian Club

George Watson's College Equestrian Club caters for enthusiastic boys and girls of all abilities. Riding lessons are provided for beginners, novice, intermediate and advanced riders on Monday and Tuesday after School. Pupils must be Primary 6 or older.

Pupils with their own ponies may represent the School in showjumping, dressage and cross country competitions.

Equestrian Club website (Pupil Login Required)

Polo Club

Polo is now an established and thriving area of the Equestrian Club. It is great fun for boys and girls. The polo club is run by parents on Sundays usually between 10am and 12 noon.

Once players reach the appropriate standard they are welcome to represent the School in matches. Polo 'ponies' are very forward going horses and taking control of four reins as well as a stick can be tricky. For that reason it is suggested that polo is most suited to Senior School pupils although applications may be considered from very capable Junior pupils on an individual basis.

Polo Club website (Pupil Login Required)