Drama Crews

Stage Crew

The Stage Crew is responsible for the creation and operation of all of the stage sets required for the various productions which take place throughout the session; S3 Production, S6 Production, House Drama and Summer Show etc. This requires the crew members to be committed to working in the evenings and at weekends when necessary. Without the dedication, co-operation and excellent team work demonstrated by all of those involved, it would be impossible to achieve the required results.

Costume and Make-up

The costume store can be found in the bowels of the Assembly Hall under the stage. The Costume Crew keep the store running all year round and organise the costumes for all productions, House Drama and Curricular Acting Exams. During the run of a show, the Crew dress a whole cast, apply make-up and hair styling.

Props Crew

For the run up to the show the Props Crew are responsible for buying, making and hiring the props that are required. There’s never a dull moment as they make sure that all props are in the correct place, whether off stage, with an actor or pre-set (you may catch a glimpse of one of them doing this!) The Props Crew work hard all year round and are an invaluable part of the production.

Sound and Lighting Crew

The Sound and Lighting Crew assist with setting up and operating the sound and lighting equipment for School productions and assemblies. Crew members gain experience of operating a variety of equipment including the sound mixing desks and lighting consoles and learn about setting up microphones and lanterns.