Debating Society

The Debating Society is a thriving and intellectually stimulating club that debates a range of motions from School matters to moral questions to the political issues of the day. Each week, pupils get opportunities to chair or speak in the main debate, or to join in the floor debate. On occasion, the Society holds balloon debates and plays Just a Minute and other speaking games, helping pupils to practise a range of important skills. In addition, senior pupils run the Junior Debating Society, which is open to all S1–S2 pupils.

The English Department organizes the S1 Debating Competition, which features all pupils in first year. The final is held in the Music Auditorium in front of an audience of 250.

The School also runs a competitive squad that enters many tournaments around the UK. The Society boasts an impressive record in recent years, including multiple national wins at senior and junior level. Watson's debaters are regularly selected to represent Scotland at the World Championships each year.