Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

We at Watson’s believe that trips away from the School environment enhance our pupils learning experience, broaden their minds, helps them develop skills, make them more independent and therefore are integral in the preparation for life after Watson’s. We are proud of the varied nature of the experiences our programme of trips and exchanges provides our pupils throughout their time with us.

Junior School Trips

Primary 7 class at Tower Bridge

The excitement of learning outside the classroom starts in our Nursery, where from an early age children will find themselves exploring first the campus, and then further afield. Our programme of residential trips in the Junior School, starting with a visit to York in Primary 4 and culminating with a week in London in Primary 7, builds on these early experiences.

Senior School Trips

Apls tripSenior School pupils can benefit from a wide variety of trips and exchanges. In addition to S1 Orientation, S2 Language Trips and S3 Projects, depending on the pupil's area of study, opportunities can include a Design trip to Copenhagen, Economics and Business Management trip to London, Advanced Higher Physics trip to CERN in Geneva, History trip to Auschwitz, Geography trips to Iceland or the Alps and Drama trips in summer.


S1 Orientation

Pupils working as a teamS1 Orientation is part of a programme of events designed to help pupils cope with the move from P7 into S1. In September, groups of S1 form classes head north to Aviemore for two nights and three days to take part in a series of activities and challenges which help them get to know the members of their form – as well as other pupils in the year – as quickly as possible. In addition, the activities, such as team challenges and orienteering, are designed to help them work and think as a team – arguably one practical definition of ex corde caritas.

S2 International Visits

Pupils in MadridAll pupils in S2 can undertake an international visit to improve their modern language skills, which might be to France, Germany or Spain – or further afield to our partner school in Taiwan.

S3 Projects

Group of girls jumping on a beach at sunsetAsk our pupils, teachers and parents about the Watson’s experience, and you will quickly understand the impact of S3 Projects, the two weeks in the Summer Term when small groups of Third Year pupils take to the outdoors for a journey of discovery, challenge and adventure. S3 Projects is indicative of our conviction that education should be a rounded set of experiences both in and out of the classroom. The result – a life-changing experience for the pupils and a significant step towards maturity, with many continuing to develop their love of outdoor pursuits by embarking upon The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

S3 Projects is a unique aspect of life of Watson’s. This outdoor education experience has been an annual feature of the third year of Senior School since 1962 and is considered by pupils to be a life changing experience and a powerful force in pupils’ development. It is also important in developing the mutually respectful rapport between staff and pupils which is such a feature of the School.