Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

At Watson’s we believe that some of the most important learning takes place outside the classroom.

Pupils have every opportunity to discover exciting things about the world and to develop as individuals through a huge range of extracurricular activities and a carefully designed programme of residential trips and other opportunities for learning off the school site. The friendships that are made and the fun had participating in these activities has a hugely positive impact on pupils’ confidence and overall development.

In Preschool children start their discoveries by exploring first the campus and then further afield. 

Our programme of residential trips begins in the Junior School with a class visit to York in P4. A camping experience follows in P5 with a focus on making new friends and team building. In P6 children visit Meigle to study life as a Jacobite and the programme culminates in P7 with a week long visit to London. 

The Senior School offers enrichment opportunities which include a Global Education Fortnight for S1 and S2 pupils, language trips in S2 and S3 Projects. A huge range of cultural and language exchanges also begins in S3, along with opportunities to tour with sports teams. Older pupils can apply for generous financial awards from the school to help fund their own adventurous plans and there are exciting opportunities for leavers in Australia, Malawi, South Africa, Taiwan and the United States.

Our unique S3 Projects programme sees small groups pupils set off on a two week trip to destinations across Scotland engaging in a wide variety of activities. This 50-year-old tradition remains a key part of a Watson’s education.