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Published on 14 March 2011 Categories: Upper Primary,  Junior School,  Extra-Curricular

Eco Group Water Bottle Advertising Poster NYC skyline and superhero bottleThe Junior School Eco Group, have been looking at ways they can help save the environment by thinking of useful ideas that will make a difference to everyone at Watson’s.

The pupils have been working towards achieving the green flag from Eco Schools, and started by looking at reducing waste.

They are involved in the recycling of materials in the Junior School and highlighted the number of plastic water bottles that go to waste in the School. After several working lunches, and visits from specialists from throughout the School, they are proud to launch their GWC Water Bottles.

These 500ml branded bottles have a list of benefits which the pupils have identified both in terms of practicality and also impact on the environment. All profits from sales will be used to further improve the School grounds.

The full list of benefits, picture of the bottle, cost and order form is available on the Junior School Eco Group page of the website.

The deadline for orders is 1 April 2011.

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