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Published on 8 June 2015 Categories: Senior School

The three finalists

Three of our pupils made it to the finals of the Word Wizard competition held at the Scottish Parliament on Friday 29 May. 

Julia Ocytko and Verity Loake (both S3) took part at French Intermediate level, while Evelyn Torkington (S1) was competing at Mandarin Beginner level.

They were tested on their knowledge of vocabulary based on word lists distributed by the Scottish National Centre for Languages during the year.  In French they were given one of the English words from the lists and had to give the correct French word (with gender) and spell it out (using the French alphabet).  In Mandarin the contestants had to recognise the word, pronounce it and give the English meaning. They had only one minute In front of the audience in which to give as many correctly spelled and pronounced words as possible.

Julia won, and Verity and Evelyn came third in their respective competitions.

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