Wins at the Scalextrics4Schools Challenge

Published on 24 June 2014 Categories: Senior School

The winning teamAt the weekend Wai Jon Ip, Iona Smith, Fahim Khan and Jason Lee (all S4) attended the final of the Bloodhound Scalextrics4Schools challenge, at Cosford RAF Museum.

The team entered both the Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Record Challenge and the F3 Challenge, and have worked throughout the year to design, make and engineer the very different scalextrics cars required for each.

The first required them to build a car to travel as fast as possible in a straight line over 20 metres, powered only by electricity (12v 8a) through the track. The F3 Challenge required them to contruct a car to race around a very large track against other cars, using only stock components, but with the ability to re-engineer the chassis and bodyshell.

Not only did the team achieve the fastest lap time but they also won the races against the other teams.

Finally, after the success in the two races and being questioned by the chief engineer of Hornby Scalextrics, and the regional manager of PTC Creo CAD modelling software, the team also won the 2014 Scalextrics4Schools Championship.  The judges mark the teams on the engineering and designwork achieved over the year along with their performance on the race day itself.

A fantastic result for the team's hard work over the last year.

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