Watson's Team wins the Auld Hoose Competition

Published on 28 April 2015 by Mrs Fiona MacFarlane Categories: Senior School,  Extra-Curricular

Ben and Lachlan celebrate their win

The GWC Junior Debating squad had a very successful weekend at 2015's Auld Hoose competition, this year run by Morrison's Academy in Crieff, with Ben Stanley (S2) and Lachlan White (S1) taking home the trophy with a clean sweep of wins.  

All three teams performed well in the early rounds, debating issues such as returning cultural artefacts to their country of origin and whether the vaccination of children should be mandatory. Watson's were well represented in the final, with Ben and Lachlan facing off against Anastasia Goryanin (S3) and Adam Mallis (S2), as well as teams from St Columba's School and Craigmount High School. GWC's third team of Zixiao Hu (S3) and Jamie Boothman (S2) narrowly missed out on the final. 

The final's motion concerned voting SNP in the next general election, and saw a range of insightful and often humorous arguments from both sides of the floor. The judges were unanimous in awarding Ben and Lachlan the win, and the audience were impressed both with the quality of their arguments and the wit and humour with which they were delivered. 

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