Forty-four medals for GWC - total rising following recount

Published on 23 November 2015 by Mrs Fiona MacFarlane Categories: Senior School

The medal winners from the afternoon sessionA fabulous day of swimming at Ainslie Park yesterday with our pupils coming away from the Edinburgh and Midlothian Schools’ Swimming Championships with forty-four medals (following the recount).

The final results were:

Gold – 19
Jamie Littlefield (P7) – U11 50m Breaststroke
Jack McGill (P7) – U11 50m Backcrawl
Lucy Trotter (P7) – U11 50m Breaststroke
Kirsty Peng (S2) – 12/13 100m Breaststroke
Libby Simpson (S2) – 12/13 100m Butterfly
Libby Simpson (S2) – 12/13 100m Breaststroke
Ruth Thomson (S3) – 14/15 100m Breaststroke
U11 Freestyle Relay – Kiera Rennie, Cara Johnston, Emily Tucker, Lucy Trotter (all P7)
U11 Freestyle Relay – Finlay Kenney (P6), and Jamie Littlefield, Angus Raitt, Jack McGill (all P7)
12/13 Freestyle Relay – Sarah Fyffe, Sally Jack, Libby Simpson, Kirsty Peng (all S2)

Silver – 6
Jack McGill (P7) – U11 50m Butterfly
Kiera Rennie (P7) – U11 50m Freestyle
Sarah Fyffe (S2) – 12/13 100m Freestyle
Lewis Birrell (S3) – 14/15 200m Freestyle
Callum Robertson (S3) – 14/15 200m Breaststroke
Kimberley MacKay (S6) – 16/18 100m Freestyle

Bronze – 19
Lucy Trotter (P7) – U11 50m Butterfly
Daniel Saunders (S1) – 12/13 200m Individual Medley
Finlay Scott (S1) – 400m freestyle
Sarah Fyffe (S2) – 12/13 200m Freestyle
Sally Jack (S2) – 12/13 100m Freestyle
Kirsty Peng (S2) –12/13 100m Butterfly
Lewis Birrell (S3) – 14/15 100m Freestyle
Anna MacKay (S4) – 14/15 200m Individual Medley
Thomas Sibson (S4) – 14/15 200m Breaststroke
Thomas Sibson (S4) – 14/15 100m Breaststroke
Kimberley MacKay (S6) – 16/18 200m Individual Medley
U11 50m Relay – Jack Brown, Thomas Annen (both P6), and Ross Leng, Adam Ritchie (both P7)
14/15 Freestyle Relay – Annabel Innes, Ruth Thomson (both S3) and Anna MacKay, Katie Fyffe (both S4)

The medal winners from the morning session on 22 N0vember 2015

updated 4 December 2015

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