The Winning Formula

Published on 4 July 2011 by Mrs Fiona MacFarlane Categories: Technology,  Senior School,  Extra-Curricular

The winning Marcia Racing Team with Miss Catriona Rae and Mr Jason Kaine of our Technology DepartmentAs the end of term approached seven of our S4 pupils headed off to Silverstone to the culmination of several months of hard work. They have been taking part in Formula Schools, a competition based around the design, build and racing of a scale fuel-engined remote controlled car.

The competition was judged 30% on the actual race and 70% on the cars - the engineering, teamwork, gaining sponsors, etc. The pupils visibly impressed the judges on the pre-race inspection, where they were articulate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and all wanted to contribute to the discussion.

In the end the team – Elizabeth Boyd, David Loudon, Christopher MacBeth, Hamish MacKinnon, Andrew More, Caitlin Stark, Milo Trainor-Moss – came away with five of the prizes:

  • Internal Combustion Engineering Rookie
  • Body & Aerodynamics Internal Combustion Rookie
  • Internal Combustion Grand Prix – starting last they overtook everybody else
  • Internal Combustion Overall Champions
  • Electric Overall Champions

This is the first time since the competition has been run (started in 1997) that one school has won both overall Championships.

The team – Marcia Racing – had designed each part of the project, starting with the team identity of Marcia Racing, named as such because Marcia is Italian for changing speed.

Sponsorship came from auctioning an F1 visor signed by Nico Rosberg and Rubens Barrichello while they were part of Team Williams, which was donated to the team by The Royal Bank Of Scotland. This raised £350 for the team, which was quickly spent on parts and manufacture of the car. Other fundraising took place within the School and a demonstration and presentation was made to the Merchant Company of Edinburgh.

The team used the CAD/CAM facilities in school to make card and acrylic models of the cars before using their team sponsors TVS Model Racing, Heriot Watt University and Blake Engineering to mill out key and vital parts that they were unable to do in school.

An absolutely fantastic trip and a great achievement!

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