The Man is a Machine!

The Man is a Machine!

Published on 27 February 2013

Scott Flansburg, The Human Calculator visits GWCToday we hosted a visit by Scott Flansburg, the official Ambassador for The World Education Games, which take place next week. Known as The Human Calculator ® he currently holds the Guinness World Record for adding the same number to itself more times in 15 seconds than a person can do using a calculator.

Scott demonstrated his amazing capacity with numbers to our Primary 4 – Primary 7 pupils in two sessions, during his tour of the UK supporting The World Education Games 2013, when it is believed that over five and a half million school children will take part worldwide.

The children were mesmerised and enthralled at his addition and multiplication, and his passion for maths was obvious and encouraging.

He explained the need for him to warm up, just like an athlete, before his Mathletics challenges begin, and he did this with some relatively easy addition sums. But it was very early in the session when he took on the calculator in the challenge he holds the world record for. This time adding 73 to 73 repeatedly he easily overtook Mr Smith from 3P Learning, who was using the calculator to do the sums by hitting the equals button continuously, to win the challenge. This test confirmed his belief that his brain calculates at a faster rate than he can physically say the outcomes, as the numbers were said with barely a space between them.

His knowledge and expertise comes from a lifetime spent trying to find easier ways to do maths, and he left the children with the task to reflect on what they had learned and to share this with someone who finds maths challenging.