The King's Magic Cloaks

The King's Magic Cloaks

Published on 21 December 2011

A scene from this year's primary 2 Christmas ShowThe King’s Magic Cloaks (by Judith Queripel and arranged and edited by Alison Hedger) was performed by the children in Primary 2 as part of the Lower Primary season of Christmas shows.

The children in Primary 2 very much enjoyed performing this magical tale in which the King lives in a beautiful but draughty castle. Two crafty stained glass window fitters offer the King two magic cloaks, which the King gladly takes, not realising the effect they will have upon him, his family and the rest of his subjects.

This play provided the children with the opportunity to develop listening and talking, reading and writing, music, drama and dance skills. They also explored the underlying moral contained within the story – that attractive things are not always what they seem and it is the simple things in life, which bring joy and peace of mind.

Ben Horsburgh
P2 Year Group Leader