The Carnival of Animals

Published on 17 November 2009 Categories: Senior School,  Music & Drama,  Junior School,  Music

kangaroo artworkThis term an exciting project brought together the Lower Primary, Music, Art and French Departments.

The Lower Primary was asked to create artwork and poems to accompany the Senior School's Chamber Orchestra performance of Saint-Saëns, The Carnival of Animals. A Lower Primary assembly introduced the children to Saint-Saëns and his work, with the help of YouTube.

For the project, each class focused on one character connected to the piece, planning the artwork to create their animal. An incredible number of different techniques were utilised from torn paper lions with plasticine features, paint and tissue paper turtles to birds made of hands and fingers and fish printed using fish!

The children wrote class poems about their animals. These have been put into a special book to celebrate all the work that had been done. The children were also taught some French phrases to go with each of the animals.

The Grand Finale was a trip to the Music School by all the children in the Lower Primary to listen to the concert. All the children's work was displayed in the corridor and, while the music was playing, a screen presentation of photographs of every child's work was shown. William Murray-Uren and Rachel Donald (S6) read the children's poems as part of the concert.

This took a significant amount of time and effort on the part of many people, but the outcome was a very worthwhile project and one that involved teamwork across many departments in the School. It was a wonderful project for all those involved in it.

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