Teenage Authors Launch Book

Teenage Authors Launch Book

Published on 27 June 2017

Linda Cracknell and the pupil authors launch 'Beyond The Door'.You probably didn’t know that there’s a radish farm on the Watson’s site, or the headquarters of a strange children’s cult, or that a delivery driver has recently been smuggling in a very unusual cargo disguised as milk churns. Intrigued? You’ll need to get your hands on a copy of the book Beyond the Door that was launched on Monday 26 June.

This session Linda Cracknell has been our writer-in-residence and has been working with our young writers in S1–S3.

'Beyond The Door' was written by pupils in S1-S3.The focus of their creative exploits was to imagine what was lurking behind the small black door on campus ‘below the chimney’. She treated our pupils as professionals, giving them a brief and feedback on their drafts but also urging deadlines and rewrites upon them as would any editor. They responded magnificently and she has no doubt that some of these writers will be ones to watch in the future.

The book costs £1 and is available from Senior School Reception. You can find more information about the creative process at thedoorgwc.blogspot.co.uk.