Summing Up Successfully

Published on 24 November 2015 by Mrs Fiona MacFarlane Categories: Senior School

Ex Corde Caritas Engraving on the Senior School BuildingIt's been a good week for our Mathematicians with national honours coming GWC's way.

57% of our entrants won awards – eight gold, 35 silver and 33 bronze, with our ratio of silver awards exceeding national norms – in the 2015 Senior UK Maths Challenge, a competition targeted at S5 and S6 pupils, but open to all.

Five pupils have qualified for the next rounds:
UKMT Kangaroo Round – Rebecca Poon, Grace Guo, and Steven Wallace (all S6), and Rohan Burla, who as an S2 pupil gained a gold award! This is the first time that an S2 pupil at Watson’s has gained a gold award. Rachel Lu (S5) has qualified for round 1 of the qualification rounds for the British Maths Olympiad Team.

The Mathematical Olympiad for Girls is open to only the best girl mathematicians in the UK and this year 1,577 girls took part. For the first time we had three competitors – Grace Guo, Rachel Lu and Rebecca Poon –­ who all received certificates of distinction meaning they scored over 21 points (against an average of 15). 

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