SQA Results 2017

SQA Results 2017

Published on 8 August 2017

We are delighted with our pupils' results in their SQA examination results announced today, with high rates of attainment at all levels of presentation.  In the National 5 examinations taken by Senior 4 pupils, 66.6% were awarded the very highest grade. In Higher examinations in Senior 5, 78.8% of grades awarded were As or Bs. At Advanced Higher examination 82.4% of grades were awarded at A or B. 

In addition, individual successes saw 15 National 5 and four Advanced Higher candidates achieve 100% in a single subject; 44 (or 21.3%) of our S5 pupils achieved 5 A passes at Higher, and one achieved 6 As; and Band 1 attainment in all subjects studied – an excellent level of achievement – extended to five, three and four candidates at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher respectively. This is phenomenal given the School's open presentation policy.

The overall pass rate (A–C) was 94.8% for Senior 4 pupils National 5 presentations; 92.2% for Highers taken in Senior 5 and a tremendous 94.5% for our Advanced Higher presentations.

George Watson's College Principal, Melvyn Roffe paid tribute to our pupils' successes: "The SQA examination results published today have revealed that last session was another very successful one at George Watson's College and I congratulate the pupils who have achieved those results and the staff whose teaching, mentoring and support has enabled them to do so.

"Along with the International Baccalaureate results published last month, today's results include some of the best ever achieved by individual pupils, and one of our best years for Advanced Highers. We are all delighted by the success of each and every one of our pupils.

"Along with the many enriching experiences that pupils have during their time at Watson's, exam results are pupils' passport into the next stage of their education and I also wish everyone continued success on the next stage of their educational journey."

Summary of SQA Examination Results 2017

SQA figures are percentages of presentations

S4 National 5

Presentations: 1723
Grade A: 66.6 *
Grade B: 19.2
Grade C: 8.9

Grades A & B: 85.8
Grades A – C: 94.8

S5 Highers

Presentations: 925
Grade A: 53.8
Grade B: 25.0
Grade C: 13.4

Grades A & B: 78.8
Grades A – C: 92.2

S6 Highers

Presentations: 301
Grade A: 33.6
Grade B: 28.9
Grade C: 22.6

Grades A & B: 62.5
Grades A – C: 85.0

S6 Advanced Higher

Presentations: 330
Grade A: 57.6
Grade B: 24.8
Grade C: 12.1

Grades A & B: 82.4
Grades A – C: 94.5

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