SQA Results 2015 – Sixth Year Pupils Gain Best Ever Results

Published on 4 August 2015 Categories: Senior School

The Senior School when the blossom is out on the treesOur S6 Pupils gained the best ever results in their Advanced Higher Exams this year. Results made public today show that 96.1% of grades were awarded at Grade C or above (compared to 92.9% in 2014 and 89.6% in 2013) with 58.8% being graded A. Ten pupils in the Class of 2015 gained four A grades and 20 gained three A grades. Three pupils gained four Band 1 A grades – the highest possible score.

These results, combined with outstanding results for the International Baccalaureate Diploma announced in July, represent the largest haul of top grades since comparative statistics have been available and will see the vast majority of leavers moving on to the university of their choice in the autumn, including fourteen former pupils who will be starting courses at Oxford or Cambridge universities.

These results will enable pupils from the Class of 2015 to progress to the next stage of their careers with the confidence of knowing they have achieved outstandingly well in these challenging examinations. Their ability, hard work and determination along with the skill and dedication of their teachers, has led to some truly excellent results. I warmly congratulate them.

Younger pupils have also gained exceptional success. In S5, 42 of our pupils (19.1% of the year group) gained five or more A grades in their Highers with an overall pass rate (A–C grades) of 96.3% for the revised examinations and 90.5% for the unrevised format taken for the last time this year. S4 pupils taking the National 5 examinations achieved an outstanding 66.5% at A grade, with no fewer than 23.3% of all grades being the very top 'Band 1'. No fewer than 93 pupils gained at least seven straight A grades. The overall pass rate for National 5s was 94.1%.

An education at George Watson's College is about so much more than examination results, but they are the most obvious currency that our pupils carry with them when they leave us. I am delighted that pupils this year have continued the long tradition of attaining the best possible results whilst achieving in so many different areas of life at School and beyond.

Summary of SQA Examination Results 2015

SQA figures are percentages of presentations

S4 National 5

Presentations: 1556
Grade A: 66.5 *
Grade B: 19.4
Grade C: 8.2

Grades A & B: 85.9
Grades A – C: 94.1

* 23.3% A Band 1

S4 Intermediate 2

Presentations: 171
Grade A: 56.7 **
Grade B: 28.7
Grade C: 12.3

Grades A & B: 85.4
Grades A – C: 97.7

** 16.5% A Band 1


S5 Highers (combined)

Presentations: 1013
Grade A: 48.7
Grade B: 24.9
Grade C: 17.0

Grades A & B: 73.5
Grades A – C: 90.5

S5 Highers (Unrevised)

Presentations: 959
Grade A: 48.0
Grade B: 25.1
Grade C: 17.1

Grades A & B: 73.1
Grades A – C: 90.2

S5 Highers (Revised)

Presentations: 54
Grade A: 61.1
Grade B: 20.4
Grade C: 14.8

Grades A & B: 81.5
Grades A – C: 96.3

S6 Highers (combined)

Presentations: 344
Grade A: 27.0
Grade B: 33.7
Grade C: 26.2

Grades A & B: 60.7
Grades A – C: 86.9

S6 Highers (Unrevised)

Presentations: 332
Grade A: 27.1
Grade B: 34.0
Grade C: 26.5

Grades A & B: 61.1
Grades A – C: 87.7

S6 Highers (Revised)

Presentations: 12
Grade A: 25.0
Grade B: 25.0
Grade C: 16.7

Grades A & B: 50.0
Grades A – C: 66.7

S6 Advanced Higher

Presentations: 306
Grade A: 58.8
Grade B: 20.9
Grade C: 16.3

Grades A & B: 79.7
Grades A – C: 96.1




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