SQA Examination Results 2013 - updated for A/AS and GCSE results

Published on 5 September 2012 Categories: Senior School

The Senior School when the blossom is out on the treesAs in previous years I congratulate pupils on their achievements in this year's public examinations. Following on from our impressive first-ever International Baccalaureate Diploma results, which were reported in July, we now have SQA results to applaud. All pupils will have had personal goals and can feel rightly proud of how they have performed. In line with previous years, there has been outstanding success at all levels - Advanced Higher, A Level, Higher, AS Level, Intermediate 2, Intermediate 1, Standard Grade and GCSE.

Advanced Highers remain a popular choice amongst S6 students and the percentage of A grades (58.1%) is outstanding by any measure. The overall pass rate of 95.1% is our second best ever result.

To achieve three or more A/A* passes at Advanced Higher/A Level requires enormous dedication and hard work. I congratulate seven candidates who achieved four Advanced Highers at A Grade and a further 20 who gained three Advanced Higher at A Grade. 

I am equally pleased that our open presentation policy has produced our second best S5 Highers overall pass rate of 93.1%. Once again, over half of the entries resulted in A grade passes - 54.6%, post-appeal.

In addition, this year saw 46 candidates in S5 gaining straight As in five or more Highers/AS Levels, which represents 20.4% of the whole year group.  Of these, nine candidates sat six Highers/AS Levels and achieved straight As.

These results are not achieved without considerable hard work and commitment on the pupils' part. The School's dedicated and professional staff has played a vital role too, as of course have parents with their encouragement and support through what can be anxious weeks in the Summer Term.

Well done to everyone involved!

Summary of – post-appeal – SQA Examination Results 2013

SQA figures are percentages of presentations

S4 Standard Grade

Grade 1: 62.3
Grade 2: 20.8
Grade 3: 12.4

Grades 1 & 2: 83.1
Grades 1 – 3: 95.5

S4 Intermediate 2

Grade A: 78.6
Grade B: 14.9
Grade C: 4.9

Grades A & B: 93.5
Grades A – C: 98.5

S5 Highers

Grade A: 54.6
Grade B: 24.1
Grade C: 14.4

Grades A & B: 78.7
Grades A – C: 93.1

S6 Highers

Grade A: 31.0
Grade B: 26.4
Grade C: 23.8

Grades A & B: 57.4
Grades A – C: 81.2

S6 Advanced Higher

Grade A: 58.1
Grade B: 25.1
Grade C: 11.9

Grades A & B: 83.2
Grades A – C: 95.1

A Level Art

Presentations = 5
Grade A*: 2
Grade A: 3
Grade B: 0
Grade C: 0

AS Level Art

Presentations = 23
Grade A: 6
Grade B: 10
Grade C: 7


Presentations = 60
Grade A*: 9
Grade A: 15
Grade B: 26
Grade C: 9
Grade D: 1

A Level Music
Presentations = 2
Grade A*: 1
Grade A : 1

AS Level Music

Presentations = 6
Grade A: 4
Grade B: 2
Grade C: 


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