Singing Up High and Down Low

Singing Up High and Down Low

Published on 20 April 2012

The pupils and teachers in the salt minesAt the end of term members of our Caritas Strings orchestra and the Chamber Choir departed for Krakow in Poland for a concert tour. 

Performances took place in St Peter and St Paul's Church and St Martin's Lutheran Church in Krakow, the community centre in Miechow, the church in Proszowice, Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Basilica in Wadowice.  Audiences were large and responsive with standing ovations and calls for encores.

In addition to peforming, the tour took in a walking tour of Krakow and a poignant and harrowing visit to Auschwitz.

On the flight home the cabin crew invited the choir and orchstra to sing and so they performed Auld Lang Syne at 35,000ft.  This meant that in the space of 24 hours the children had performed Auld Lang Syne four times – 150m underground in the Underground Cathedral in Wieliczka Salt Mine, twice at the Basilica in Wadowice (as the audience demanded an encore!) and at a cruising altitude on the way home!

Pupils and staff alike thoroughly enjoyed a very successful and moving tour.

The video features footage from all four venues where Auld Lang Syne was performed on tour - Miechow Community Centre, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Wadowice Basilica and EasyJet flight 6940.