Simon Murray Visits Primary 3

Published on 1 June 2010 by Mrs Fiona MacFarlane Categories: Lower Primary,  Junior School

Simon MurrayAuthor and illustrator, Simon Murray, visited Primary 3 at the beginning of May. He has written and illustrated several popular children’s books about a mischievous little ‘furball’ called Icky Doo Dah who wrecks chaos wherever he goes!

Simon began the morning by telling all the children about his books and shared with them his inspiration for his character, Icky. He then spent the rest of the day running an inspiring workshop for each of the five classes.

He taught the children, step-by-step, to draw Icky and encouraged them to go on to create a story board with the view to them writing and illustrating their own Icky Doo Dah story.

Each class was left with a poster-sized signed picture of Icky, which Simon had drawn during the workshops, and the children were given the opportunity to buy signed copies of their favourite Icky books. They were extremely enthusiastic about the visit and have proudly displayed their own Icky Doo Dah artwork around the Lower Primary.

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