School Leavers' Destinations

Published on 5 November 2007 Categories: Senior School

The start of the higher education academic year means that we now know where the class of 2007 have gone to further their studies.

Geographically, three quarters of our pupils have gone on to study in Scotland, with significant increases in the numbers attending St Andrews and Aberdeen Universities, and a reduction in those going to Edinburgh. Of those who choose to go to England the numbers venturing just over the border to Newcastle have more than doubled – making it our fourth most popular university. The total attending Oxbridge remains the same.

When considering subject choice the top 5 are as follows:

Science 26
Economics 18
Law 16
Medicine 15
Engineering 12

Our totals for Science and Engineering are virtually the same as 2006 and continue to buck the national trend, which is seeing a decline in popularity for these subjects.

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