Saving for A Rainforest

Published on 21 November 2007 Categories: Upper Primary,  Junior School

Pupils present chequeIn line with the Rainforest Environmental Studies topic, the Primary 6 Year Group organised a sale to raise money for the charity Rainforest Concern. This charity uses the money raised to buy areas of the Choco-Andean Rainforest Corridor in Ecuador. As a result they are able to protect it from being deforested and destroyed. The pupils have learnt that the exploitation of the rainforest can have devastating effects, not only on the immediate environment and habitats of the plants, animals and people that live and grow there, but also on the planet as a whole.

All the children prepared games, stalls, quizzes, home baking and donated prizes to entertain the staff and children of the Upper Primary.

They managed to raise an incredible £1,100 for the charity and great fun was had by all!

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