Santa's Little Helpers

Santa's Little Helpers

Published on 8 December 2014

A group of our pupils involved in Search for SantaOn Saturday 6 December around 200 children and their families descended on Edinburgh Airport to receive a well-deserved Christmas treat.

Some of the children involved were from the Edinburgh and Dublin Sick Children’s hospitals, while others were chosen for carrying out a good deed, had suffered a particular hardship, or would not normally receive such an enjoyable treat at Christmas.

Eighteen of our pupils helped on the day by singing carols, handing out sweets and tirelessly spread the Christmas spirit throughout.

The highlight was a special ‘Santa Flight’, which flew around looking for Santa’ while the pilots and crew conducted magic tricks and sang carols over the public address system.

Our pupils kept smiling even while standing on the runway in the wind and rain on a very cold day, wearing elf suits, as other passengers jetted off to warmer destinations. There is no doubt that the day was a huge success and provided an unforgettable experience for both the deserving children, and our pupils!