S1 Orientation and S6 Leadership Challenge

Published on 9 October 2003 Categories: Senior School

Mid-term is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the busy first half of the term. For pupils in S1 and S6 this included an exciting start to the year with S1 Orientation and S6 Leadership Challenge. These activities have similar aims and appear to have been a huge success this session. S1 Orientation was introduced as part of a programme of events designed to help pupils cope with the move from P7 into S1. For three weeks in September, different form classes head North to Aviemore for two nights, three days to take part in a series of activities and challenges which, it is hoped, will help them get to know the members of their form - as well as other pupils in the year - as quickly as possible. In addition, the activities. such as team challenges and orienteering. are designed to help them work and think as a team - arguably one practical definition of Ex Corde Caritas. At the very beginning of the session, 130 took part in the S6 Leadership Challenge. The pupils were split into small groups and took part in a variety of problem solving challenges. All pupils had to take a turn in leading the group and also observing how the group dynamics developed. They were introduced to a variety of different leadership styles and given examples of famous leaders from the past. The day was a great success and lots of fun. The S6 pupils benefited from working with people that they had not worked with before and experiencing how difficult it can be to lead a group of individuals faced with a specific challenge.

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